Burger Lounge Introducing a Year of Changing Game Burgers

Burger Lounge's grass-fed bison burger
Burger Lounge's grass-fed bison burger Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Having quickly captured the hearts and minds of L.A. burger fans since coming to the city from San Diego last spring, Burger Lounge has some wild new creations up its sleeves to see us through the next year. Starting November 1, the restaurant is introducing a different game burger to its menu for a 60-day run, found in constructions like a juicy grass-fed bison burger sourced from Minnestoa (and like all the chain’s burgers never frozen) with added blue cheese, as well as leaner elk and venison burgers, a Texan wild boar burger with a smokiness reminiscent of a bacon and sausage marriage with a slightly funky kick, and a burger made with lamb.

Overall, an impressive way for the chain to further stand out among the competition, bringing the great gains of game meat to the masses. Look for the bison burger to start this emerging series, beginning its two month run next Thursday, November 1 and setting the stage for a year of game burgers at the restaurant’s two L.A. locations.