Buck Tavern Closing, Daly Loses Lease

Photo: Fog City Journal

Buck Tavern, the little bar across from Zuni that former city supervisor Chris Daly took over in late 2010, is closing at the end of the month. Daly made the announcement via a Facebook event for a nautical-themed “Bon Voyage” party on October 31, saying that he had lost the lease on the property. The news comes just as election season is heating up and many Daly fans and neighbors on the progressive side of things have been gathering at the politically engaged, mid-Market bar to watch the presidential and vice-presidential debates, as they did this past Tuesday. We know that Daly has been keeping himself busy as a union organizer in addition to being a bar owner, but it’s unclear as of now whether he’ll be looking to open another bar anytime soon. He tells Hayeswire, cryptically, “If you asked me last week, I would have told you that we were selling. Today, all I can say for sure is 10/31 is our last day.” [Facebook via Hayeswire]