While Bruce Ratner Professes His Love for KFC, One Barclays V.I.P. Area Is Out of Toilet Paper

No KFC here.
No KFC here. Photo: Adrian Gaut/New York Magazine

Though there are lots of serious food places to eat and drink just outside, and certainly many inside the new Barclays Center, developer Bruce Ratner says he loves Kentucky Fried Chicken best of all. “No. 1 would be Kentucky Fried Chicken,” he tells the Times, adding that Chin Chin makes his favorite General Tso’s. We bet. Meanwhile, it’s not at all surprising that Health Department inspectors noticed some minor things missing earlier this month, such as toilet paper in the Calvin Klein Courtside Club, during inspections of the massive on-premise food-service operations. “We are not yet two weeks old and are working to ensure we meet the highest standards,” a rep tells DNAinfo. [NYT, DNAinfo, Earlier, Earlier]