Bravo Is Making an Eighties-Set ‘Cola Wars’ Period Drama


Call it Mad Men in a twelve-ounce can: Bravo has commissioned a new workplace drama set in New York City during the apex of the cola wars of the eighties, Deadline reports. Andrew Hoegl, executive producer of Flipping Out and its spinoff, Interior Therapy, wrote the spec script for the as-yet-untitled show that will explore the era when Coca-Cola and Pepsi targeted each other with increasingly aggressive brinksmanship, flashdancers, PR stunts, and even Michael Jackson, who caught fire while filming a commercial. In the same way Mad Men pulls off cultural relevance from its sixties gray flannel haze, perhaps seeing the 30-year-old retro cola wars play out on the small screen will bubble up and resonate with our soda ban present. Ahead, check out some old soda commercials.

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