Blue Marble Ice Cream in Cobble Hill Was Robbed Last Night [Updated]

It was on Facebook.
It was on Facebook.

First a bunch of kids in a Cobble Hill candy shop depart from traditional kid-in-candy-store behavior by robbing the place, and now Blue Marble’s Court Street store has been hit. Details are scarce, but apparently an employee of the ice-cream shop updated his Facebook status to announce the crime before he called the authorities*. “After being robbed,” Carroll Gardens Patch reports, “the victim continued to serve customers, posted that he was robbed on social media, called the store manager, and then reported the incident to 911, giving the thief ample time to flee the scene, said police.”

Update: Billy Barlow, Blue Marble’s director of operations, writes in with his account of last night’s crime:

I’m the person that posted about the robbery on social media. The Carroll Gardens Patch has reported an inaccurate account of events at our Court St location. Our employee was robbed at gun point. And as the perpetrator was leaving, several people entered the store. In order to ensure their safety and not alarm them, he did not tell these customers what had just transpired. Management and 911 were alerted in the same time frame.

We hope the suspect is caught soon.

Update - Blue Marble Ice Cream: “We’ve Been Robbed.” [Carroll Gardens Patch]
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*This post has been corrected to reflect the statement provided by Blue Marble.