Big Gay Ice Cream Is Opening a West Village Shop

What's so funny about unicorns, love, and understanding?

Earlier today, Big Gay Ice Cream owners Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff posted a message on their blog promising a big ice-cream party to the first person to spot and tweet photos of their next, as-yet-unidentified brick-and-mortar location. Apparently a two-inch-by-two-inch unicorn sticker says a lot in the West Village, and now the guys confirm they will open their second shop at 61 Grove Street during the next few months. Petroff and Quint, who are also writing a book, say they're especially psyched about the new space's basement production kitchen. "It will let us work in seclusion and screw around a little," says Quint. As an added bonus, the retail area will have seating for customers, something its East Village counterpart does not have. [Big Gay Ice Cream, Earlier]