Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder Repos ‘Occupy’ Batmobile

Photo: Courtesy Ben and Jerry's

Remember last year when Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen got into the thick of Occupy Wall Street and plied hungry protestors with free Cherry Garcia, then even donated money to convert an old Ford Econoline into a “Batmobile” that was customized to project anti-capitalistic messages onto city walls? Well, as Harvey Dent said in The Dark Knight, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a Chunky Monkey,” and today DNAinfo reports (via Daily Intel) Cohen is repossessing the Batmobile from the activists after disagreements over projected content. No report on what the ice cream man will do with it next, but we’re pretty sure he’s selling it to the woman who dresses like Catwoman to deliver take-out in Shanghai. [DNAinfo]