Barclays Center Opens With One-Size Sodas

No supersizing here.
No supersizing here. Photo: New York Magazine

There are plenty of things to eat inside the Barclays Center, and of course, more meals to be hadin its surrounding neighborhood, but those seeking sixteen ounces or more of Cherry Coke to go with their Babs Streisand may be bummed to find out that, as promised, the venue is already complying with the forthcoming ban on large-format sugary drinks, the Times reports. They’re taking it seriously, too: An original design for the official souvenir cup had to be scrapped in favor of something smaller. And though the paper quotes a Long Islander demanding “I want a 48-ounce!” from within the arena’s Budweiser-branded bar area, ambivalence seems to be the general mood toward smaller drink sizes, and the bathrooms are perhaps even a little less crowded. [NYT,“>Earlier]