Police Arrest Man Who Was Assaulted by 7-Eleven Employees

He stole a Snickers bar, maybe.
He stole a Snickers bar, maybe. Photo: Youtube

Remember that three-and-a-half-minute video from Friday that depicts three 7-Eleven workers stripping, biting, and ultimately punching a suspected shoplifter after they’ve dragged him off to the back of the store? One of the Flatbush Avenue store’s employees has lost his job, and the other two who were involved will be retrained by corporate management. Police arrested the alleged shoplifter, 29-year-old David Golson, who had an outstanding warrant. The store’s clerks were not charged, the Post reports, “because Golson tried to attack them and knock over shelves” when they approached him. The clerks initially confronted Golson when he allegedly took a Snickers bar. [AP, NYP, Earlier]