Watch Anthony Bourdain Clarify His Thoughts on Hollandaise and Free Cocaine

Photo: Youtube

Is it just us, or does the newly roasted Anthony Bourdain seem to get a little taciturn when he puts on these granny glasses? In these two videos, Bourdain and Ecco publisher Dan Halpern discuss the changes he wants made in the special, hand-annotated “Insider’s Edition” of his seminal book Kitchen Confidential, which comes out on October 30. The chef and author says he’s reconsidered his position on ordering fish on Mondays at restaurants. Also, perhaps brunch is the scourge of all restaurant meals he once thought it was. Finally, turns out Tony’s not so much into fans bearing gifts. “You’d be surprised,” he says, how often a young cook “comes up to get their book signed and slides me a little bindle of cocaine.”

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