Animal-Rights Activists Want M. Wells Dinette to Lay Off the Horse Meat

Dufour, not plating horse meat.
Dufour, not plating horse meat. Photo: Huge Galdones

We saw the controversy snowballing last week, and today there are full-blown petitions and protests against M. Wells Dinette’s plans to serve horse tartare, which, if unimpeded, may happen just as soon as chef and owner Hugue Dufour finds someone to supply his café. Activists argue that meat sourced from the slaughterhouses is pumped with disease-causing chemicals, which should be enough to scare anyone off raw horse, but since horse slaughter for human consumption was legalized last year in the United States, it’s equally likely that the words “free range horse meat” may just about be ready to enter into the national food conversation. [ via Eater NY, Earlier]