Yigit Pura Makes the Cover of 7x7’s Hot 30 Issue

Guess who's holding up that cover...
Guess who's holding up that cover... Photo: Facebook

It used to be called the “Hot 20 Under 40,” the annual issue in which 7x7 enjoyed celebrating the young, ambitious, and beautiful of our fair city. But then they decided that was ageist, or something, and last year’s issue was the “Hot 20 Under (and Over) 40,” and this year it’s simply called the “Hot 30.” And Yigit Pura, he of Top Chef: Just Desserts fame and the recently opened first location of Tout Sweet, is the cover boy, whom they refer to as “the Turkish talent” and generally gush over — we’ve known for months now that 7x7 editor Chloe Harris Frankeny has a bit of a thing for him, like everyone else does, so it only makes sense. Also making the Hot 30 list from the food world are Rich Table chef-owners Evan and Sarah Rich, as well as bar stars the Bon Vivants (Scott Baird and Josh Harris), and they’re due some congratulations as well. [7x7 - not yet online]