Vetri Inks Deal to Open a Restaurant In the Moorestown Mall

Marc Vetri and business partner Jeff Benjimen
Marc Vetri and business partner Jeff Benjimen Photo: Collin Keefe

It’s been almost year since we first started hearing rumblings of Marc Vetri bringing a clone of his Osteria to suburban New Jersey’s Moorestown Mall. You’ll recall that the mall’s owners, PREIT, were leveraging the promise of a Vetri restaurant and others like it in its bid to secure four liquor licenses for the property, which was a veritable coup, since the town is dry. Now it’s looking like Vetri and company are in for reals. The chef tweeted a copy of a signed lease, bearing the name Marc Vetri as President of Vetri Moorestown LLC. There’s no time frame to speak of, but we’re guessing the property in question will be be the scaled back version of Osteria alluded to in earlier reports. We’ll keep you posted as more details surface. [Marc Vetri/Twiiter]

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