Today’s Tony Hu Opening: Dim Sum


It was days since the last Tony Hu announcement— was he not feeling well? Had he lost his verve for conquering the entire city of Chicago with authentic Chinese food? We don’t know, but Dish reports that he’s going into yet another category of cuisine though not, actually, another restaurant. Huh? No, Hu! The thing is, there’s apparently an empty space next to Lao You Ju, the spiffier, nightclubby place he opened in late 2010, and Hu’s plan is to bust through the wall, decorate it to match… and somehow this makes Lao You Ju big enough that it can become a dim sum spot during the day. Apparently blessed with the only contractors in the restaurant biz who get things done early (his north side Lao Sze Chuan opened last week, seemingly days after it was announced), he hopes it will open yet this month. Will this finally be the really interesting, San Francisco or New York-level dim sum spot we’ve been waiting for? Who knows (or Hu knows), but it certainly can’t hurt to have him in the category, raising the bar generally. [Dish]