BondSt Alum Opening Sushi Masaru in Chelsea Next Month

This is from Jiro, but you get the idea.
This is from Jiro, but you get the idea.Photo: Magnolia Films

Former BondSt chef Henry Yang, with the help of sushi guru Shoji Iso, will open a new sushi spot next door to the Joyce Theater at 169 Eighth Avenue. Sushi Masaru, which is set to open at the beginning of October, will be flying in fish from Tokyo’s Stukiji market as well as Hawaii, to be served along with local catch. Sushi Samba’s Kenji Zenshosushi has just been hired as chef and omakases will be offered from $50 to $150. When the place opens next month, look for seasonal specials from Japan including shirako (cod sperm) and Pacific saury.