Stone Weighing Its Own Local Brewpub

Stone IPA
Stone IPA Photo: Stevendepolo/Flickr

In an interview with Stone Brewing Co. co-founder Steve Wagner, Food GPS learns that the Escondito brewery would love to expand its operations in Los Angeles, most likely through something like its own brewpub. Stone recently cracked the tap on its company store in Pasadena, while Wagner spikes our hopes that we could someday see something like the company’s ambitious gastro-pub, San Diego’s World Bistro and Gardens, with its wild boar ribs and IPA soup. Wagner says Stone is likely to introduce “maybe not a full-on huge production brewery, but [a brewing operation] as part of a restaurant or something we do up here…Some type of brewery…We’ve got some ideas we’re working on. We’d like to increase our presence up here in Los Angeles, for sure.” [Food GPS]