Sofia Vergara Pans The Parlor Hollywood

You wouldn't like her when she's angry
You wouldn't like her when she's angry Photo: Accidental Papparazzi/Flickr

You’d think most people would know better than to piss off a powerful, high-pitched Colombiana, but then again, Hollywood night-owls aren’t exactly esteemed for their brains. On Sunday, The Parlor Hollywood reportedly rejected Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara at the door, two days after the velvet rope cut her off at the neighborhood’s Blok. Vergara doesn’t take rejection well, as she pulled a hackneyed “Do you know who I am?” and was later seen dressing-down her dude as he tried to calm her down. The Baranquilla beauty also took to Twitter to play character-sicario, letting her fans know that The Parlor is “the worst sports bar in Hollywood.” Ouch! [DM]