Brace Yourselves: Are We Getting Multiple Shake Shacks?

Our dreams have come true.
Our dreams have come true.

The kids at BC broke the story: Randy Garutti, Shake Shack CEO, tells college newspaper The Heights: “We’re thrilled to make Boston our new home, and we look forward to bringing Shake Shack to other compelling sites in great neighborhoods in the Boston area.” The italics are ours, and our excitement is palpable. But where, oh where?

Our guess: places where drunk and hungry college students congregate. Which, here in Boston, is pretty much everywhere. We’d put money on a Shack in Harvard Square and another one by the Common. Maybe even on the Common, to do battle with Earl of Sandwich.

If you have any Shake Shack location recommendations, let us know in the comments. And, in the meantime, content yourself with the knowledge that they’ll open in Chestnut Hill in just a few short months.

Shake Shack Cooks Up A New Boston Location [Heights]

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