New Bedford Is the Epicenter of the Chocolate-Syrup Black Market

Don't ask, don't tell.
Don't ask, don't tell.

Forget drugs, or beer, or weapons, or illegally downloaded iTunes … in New Bedford, the real hot contraband is chocolate syrup. Right now, low-fat flavored milk is prohibited in schools because it’s bad for you or something. (Chocolate skim milk is totally fine, though. And what about strawberry? Or vodka?) Anyway, students at New Bedford’s Vocational-Technical High School have found a new vocation: smuggling!

According to reports, “Students said some of their peers are buying the contraband liquid for 50 cents and squeezing it into cartons of white milk to give it flavor.” Are they hiding it in brown bags? In their desks? Ducking into the bathroom for a quick fix? It’s all very troubling. Meanwhile, students are also lamenting the profusion of legume-injecting hummus and black bean salad on school menus. And even teachers admit that adding chili to the lunch choices was “not very good decision.” We must admit: School hummus sounds far worse than chocolate milk.

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