Rickybobby, With a Menu Just Like Broken Record, Coming to the Lower Haight

The space, when it was Rotee.
The space, when it was Rotee. Photo: Courtesy of Rotee.

You know how the former Rotee space, on the corner of Webster and Haight, has been empty the past few months? Well, Broken Record chefs James Moisey and Shane LaValley have snapped it up and will be bringing their American food menu to the space in a couple of months. The new restaurant will be called Rickybobby (that would be a nod to Talladega Nights), and as the Scoop reports, Moisey and LaValley will be leaving Broken Record in about a month to focus on the new project, which will require a remodel. Look for signature dishes like their crawfish grits, bacon burger, and gravy-covered Texas Toast to make appearances, and for most everything they do to be pretty much the same as it is at the Excelsior bar, just easier to get to. [Scoop, Earlier]