Saltimbocca Specialist Antica Pesa Headed to Brooklyn, Recruits Richard Gere for Promo Vid

Gere knows best.
Gere knows best. Photo: Youtube

In addition to the Motorino team, reps from the Rome-transplant Antica Pesa will appear at Wednesday’s CB1 Brooklyn meeting seeking a full liquor license in the enormous old Planet Thailand space. The original Antica Pesa, which opened in Rome in 1922, has a reputation for serving saltimbocca to celebrities and the local power elite. It’s the kind of place where Russell Crowe hangs in the kitchen for an impromptu jam-along to Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls,” John Travolta badgers the chef for his cacio e pepe secrets, and cranky Javier Bardem will not pass the salt to Penélope Cruz. So, lots of celebs. Accordingly, the restaurant’s owners recruited Richard Gere for a quiet, dimly lit and poorly subtitled video that they hope will help spread the word of the new Brooklyn location.

Antica Pesa opens next month.

Richard Gere at Antica Pesa [YouTube]
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