Former La Brea Bakery Space Becoming Manzke Family’s Bakery and Wine Bar

The Manzke and Margarita
The Manzke and Margarita Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Following up on Gayot’s scoop that Bill Chait is taking over Campanile, The L.A. Times learns that Walter Manzke’s Republique could be up and running as soon as next spring. In addition to the chef’s “bistronomics”-inspired French concept, the original La Brea Bakery adjunct will become the home of Margarita Manzke’s own bakery with its own wine bar concept, previously mentioned as Factory Baking Company, but most likely under a new name now that the place is no longer coming to the Factory Place Arts Complex in Downtown.

Manzke says of his embrace of bistronomics, “Out of necessity, it’s the future of the business. Great chefs are going to more casual spots, and it’s happening everywhere.” Let’s just hope this means Mark Peel isn’t opening a sausage spot or scaling down to burgers once Campanile closes. [LAT]