Brooklyn Restaurant Owners Suing Community Board Members

Photo: iStockphoto

You may recall the story of Pleasure Island, that proposed sanctuary of good times and cold beer near Coney Island Avenue in Gravesend whose owner complained he’d finished a full boat of interior renovations but couldn’t gain liquor license approval from the local Community Board. Mark Shteynshlyuger changed the venue’s name to Galaxy thinking maybe that’d help, but to no avail. Now he and his partner are suing the civic group because Community Board 15 chairwoman Teresa Scavo indicated in public that the group “would only approve a Kosher restaurant that caters to observant Jews because they are quiet.” Although the restaurant’s owners said last year they’d lost $400,000 in renovations, they seek $180 million in damages, perhaps to buy their very own pleasure island somewhere tropical and away from all this mess. [Bay News, Earlier]