PizzaRev Expanding to Studio City, Grand-Opening Friday

PizzaRev Photo: PizzaRev

PizzaRev, the self-described "Roman-style" pizza-tossers in Northridge, is expanding this week to a new location on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. Grand-opening Friday, September 21, PizzaRev serves thin-crust pizza using its own dough, fired in under three minutes through a stone-hearth oven, continuing the design-it-yourself pizza craze kicked off at 800 Degrees with the help of three sauce options, 20 veggies, five cheeses, and eleven choices of protein.

PizzaRev Photo: PizzaRev

The chain’s owners have most likely watched The Jerk a few too many times, too, as they apparently offer a "pizza-in-a-bowl" option that lines your salads with a pizza crust bed.

PizzaRev is poised for a massive proliferation that will find it heading to Woodland Hills this November, a location that will be followed by a lot more of these suckers popping up around L.A. in the following months.

PizzaRev, 12103 Ventura Blvd. Studio City; 818-505-1748.