In the Weeds: Lawsuit Alleges Philippe Allowed Celebs to Toke in Secret

High on wontons.
High on wontons. Photo: Patrick McMullan

It seems to be a job requirement for Philippe employees to sue or be sued at some point during their tenure, and true to form, TMZ says that four employees at the swank dumpling den have filed a lawsuit — Maimon Kirschenbaum is involved, obv. — alleging they were forced to serve VIPs in the restaurant’s basement amid the “smoke from a harmful and illegal substance.”

According to the suit, the restaurant’s owners permitted “wealthy customers and celebrities” to enjoy the sticky green while waiting for their $64 green prawns; the busboys and servers could not breathe and went home smelling dank. (These customers could learn a thing or two from Voice critic Robert Sietsema.)

The complaint does not name any celebrities, but notes that Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross are regulars.

Popular NYC Restaurant SUED: You Let Celebs SMOKE WEED In the Basement [TMZ]