Here’s That Paula Deen ‘Blooper Video’


Over the weekend, the Post got its hands on a Paula Deen blooper reel, which seems like it could be a lot of fun: swearing, coochie references, pastry fellatio, and all the other stuff that would never actually appear on Food Network. Deen’s camp apparently put the video together for a multi-city event called Celebrity Chefs Tour, but the tour rejected the video after deeming it too profane. That all ended with a bunch of lawsuits, but now the video has surfaced — sort of. As you can see below, instead of releasing the clip in full, the Post plays (bleeped) snippets under a fuller video report. So that means Sandra Lee still has the best outtake video around, at least until a Rachael Ray gag reel gets released.

WATCH: Food Network star Paula Deen curses up a storm in ‘blooper reel’ [NYP]
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