Like Sudden Cool Wind/Next Kyoto Was On Sale/Then Autumn Was Still

Photo: courtesy Next

The Next team has made a point of keeping the moment when tickets go on sale different each time, to ensure that someone other than the most dedicated Nextheads has a random chance at tickets. We suspect there will be more kvetching than usual this morning, though, as people come to the office and learn that Next Kyoto tickets went on sale Friday afternoon after working hours and were sold out by Friday evening. The announcement went out at 5:18 p.m. on Friday, noting that Thursday’s test dinner had gone so smoothly that they were going straight to official opening as of Saturday night. By later in the evening tickets were largely gone, though as followers on Facebook and Twitter know, there seem to be a fair number of opportunities to pick up tickets down the road if you watch and act quickly. That quick turnaround also meant that the final (we presume) Next Kyoto video went up abruptly on Saturday. If you were looking to find out what would happen when the chef-killing yakuza met up with Grant Achatz, that storyline apparently has been dropped; this is just a rapturous paean to the beauty and mystery of Japanese cuisine, but it sure is pretty (and does give you a first chance to see some of the courses). Watch it below.