Want a Taste of Next Kyoto? Go To The Aviary

"He's making ramen? He's really got a bullet with his name on it now!"
"He's making ramen? He's really got a bullet with his name on it now!"Photo: courtesy Next

With chef-killing yakuza roaming the streets, you might think Grant Achatz would want to keep it a little quiet about the apanese-jay ood-fay, but apparently he’s fearless: The Aviary will be offering a preview of the upcoming Next Kyoto menu in the form of ramen being served at The Aviary. There are actually two kinds— tonkotsu, or pork, and vegetable ramen— with freshly made noodles, served in a custom Crucial Detail ramen bowl “that can comfortably be used by patrons at the Aviary where the tables are more for cocktails,” as the Next Facebook page described it. They also describe the process, which was the work of Next chef Andrew Graves: “50 pounds of pork made into stock over a looong, slow cooking process, pickled vegetables, quail eggs, hand extruded noodles, mushrooms, and yes, emulsified pork stock (contents may vary for the vege).” One crucial detail left out: the price. If you’re at The Aviary eating handcrafted ramen, you know it’s not going to be at Cup-a-Soup prices. [Facebook]