Monrovia Would Rather Have Korean Tacos Than a Lawsuit

Food Trucks 1, Monrovia 0
Food Trucks 1, Monrovia 0 Photo: Ricardodiaz11 via Flickr

This is a little like Footloose, but with food trucks. Monrovia’s adorable Old Town looks like it hasn’t stirred much since the fifties and the city was hoping to keep it that way. A food truck ban that’s been in place for two years is set to be overturned following threats of a lawsuit by those litigious narcs in the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association, who claim the ban was illegal.

Monrovia denies ever trying to bar the mobile brigade outright, and the mayor insists she was only seeking a legal way to make the rolling posse work cohesively with local restaurants instead of cherry-picking their customers. But alas, it makes more sense for Monrovia to just let the trucks invade than face an expensive lawsuit, so the City Council is likely sign off on the deal in an open session. [LAT]