Mitt Romney’s Favorite Foods Are Pretty Bland

His diet is as boring as he is!
His diet is as boring as he is! Photo: AP

Today correspondent Peter Alexander reports from the front lines of the GOP campaign trail to divulge some crucial intel: the contents of Mitt Romney’s in-flight fridge. Travelers aboard Romney Air enjoy vodka shots organic snacks, Kashi cereal, and Romney’s favorite sandwiches.

Apparently, the teetotaling candidate, whose Mormonism prohibits him from enjoying potentially addictive foods and beverages, has a soft spot for peanut butter and honey — which must be organic, natch. Romney also kicks back with hummus, pita, and organic applesauce.

It’s not totally boring aboard “Hair Air,” though: Things got downright Clinton-esque at one West Coast stop, when In-N-Out surprised passengers with a preflight delivery.

Mitt’s Favorite Sandwich and More Dish From Romney Air [Today]

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