Michael White to Loews Crowd: I’ll Show You a Power Breakfast

Always, always sunny-side up.
Always, always sunny-side up. Photo: Melissa Hom

Maybe you’ve heard that the political elite and hobnobbing regulars of the Loews Regency Hotel will need a new spot to congregate in the mornings. Loews chairman Jonathan M. Tisch told the Times he was working on securing a temporary “pop-up power breakfast” at an unnamed spot to holdover the likes of Al Sharpton, Barbara Boxer, and Shimon Peres. Well Michael White knows an opportunity when he sees one and a rep for his company tells Crain’s that Ai Fiori would be the perfect place for the city’s movers and shakers to pay $20 for an omelette. Plus, White’s got plenty of fresh juice. [Crain’s NY, Earlier]