What You Missed at Meatopia: Rain-Braving Crowds Rewarded With Flesh and Fire


Saturday blew in rainy, then sunny, then rainy again, but that didn’t stop the meat-hungry hordes from boarding the Water Taxi to Randalls Island for this year’s Meatopia. As mentioned, the event had an A-list lineup of chefs: Michael White, Zak Pelaccio, April Bloomfield, and lots more. Visiting luminaries included Sean Brock, brisket maestro Aaron Franklin out of Austin (whose Franklin barbecue tent had a perennial queue even as the rain poured down), and Top Chef Masters season three contestant Naomi Pomeroy (PDX’s Beast), who served one of our favorite bites, a jerky-like morsel of “beef finger.” As the rain began to pour, most took refuge in the Amstel Light or Dickel whiskey bar tents — not the worst way to pass a storm. See all the photos, straight ahead.