Marja Vongerichten Launches BiBiFresh, a Roving Bibimbap-up

Try some, won't you?
Try some, won't you? Photo: Melissa Hom

Even more bibambap is headed our way: BiBiFresh, the newest rice-bowl player in town, is a collaboration between chef and author (and wife of Jean-Georges) Marja Vongerichten and Tavalon Tea founder John-Paul Lee and, from the looks of it, a serious fast-casual restaurant chain in the making. Customers build their bibimbap from the bowl up with a choice of grains (including quinoa), vegetables, meat, and sauce, and the concept also includes salads and lettuce wraps. Right now, this bibimbap-up is testing the waters — it’ll be at the ENK Show next week, then at NYU in early October — Vongerichten, however, says BiBiFresh will open a brick and mortar “in the near future.” [Earlier, Related]