Mario Batali Drops in on Matteo’s; Andrew Zimmern Spotted at the Clift; Howard Dean Sups at Mua


Mario Batali, who was in Sonoma last week for this Tomato Festival event with Fieri, was spotted at Matteo’s Cocina Latina in Healdsburg on Saturday afternoon, having lunch with friends. Chef Matteo Granados was reportedly very thankful and gracious. [Tablehopper]

Reportedly Andrew Zimmern was in town this week and staying at the Clift. No word on where or what he ate/drank, but let’s hope it was bizarre. [GS]

And here’s one of those rando sightings we don’t know what to make of: Howard Dean, chairman emeritus of the DNC who could, maybe, get named to an Obama cabinet post soon, was spotted dining by a Tablehopper reader at Mua, that kooky art bar in Oakland.