Woodhouse Fish Co. Hoping to Open Clam Shack on Marina Green

A rendering of the new Woodhouse outpost at Marina Green.
A rendering of the new Woodhouse outpost at Marina Green.Photo: Courtesy of Woodhouse Fish Co.

The Brothers MacNiven, the fellows behind the city’s two locations of Woodhouse Fish Co. as well as the new sister restaurant West of Pecos, are expanding once more with a project in the Marina, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s something they’ve been working on with the city for a while, as the Chron reports, and it’s basically a scaled down, counter-service version of Woodhouse in the historic Marina Degaussing Station. The station, which was once used to demagnetize ships so they wouldn’t attract mines, has been shut tight for decades, but the MacNivens hope to give it some new life after getting approvals this month from Rec and Parks and eventually the Board of Supervisors. The crab-and-clam shack, with a limited menu of seafood treats and patio seating, would like to be open in time for the America’s Cup races next summer. [Chron, Scoop]