Maestro’s Sausage Company Emerging From Shadows After 38 Years


Following two steady years of wiener pop-ups and upstart sausage küches, an L.A. original is getting back into the game with great timing. Maestro Sausage Company, which sells its schlongen to places like Bottega Louie, Bay Cities Deli, and Vito’s Pizza, is making a move on Beer Week by hosting a one-day sausage pop-up at Union Station during the ten-day event’s concluding beer festival. Unemployed Eater announces that this is the first time Maestro, which had its start at Eastside Deli in Downtown in the gay twenties, is slinging said sausage directly to the public in 38 years.

The company is tapping The Foundry’s Josh McKnight and chef Andres Moya to make three types of sausage sandwiches sold at five bucks a pop. The menu includes a classic Italian with sausage, peppers, and onions, a three-pepper sausage with pineapple slaw, and a bratwurst bearing a demi-glace made with Lost Coast Brewery’s 8-Ball Stout. The pop-up will serve to benefit the Real Medicine Foundation, so catch it between noon and 4:00 P.M. before these guys hoof it back to Vernon for the next 38 years.

Pop-up: Maestro Sausage Sandwiches Available For The First Time In 38 Years [UE]