Are Ludo Lefebvre and José Andrés the Other Two Mentors on The Taste?

Hm. Photo: Nigella Lawson/Twitter

In July, Grub Street caught wind of a new cooking competition show with Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson called The Taste. À la The Voice, it involves four pro chefs attempting to school four amateurs in the art of the kitchen. The show doesn’t yet have official air dates, but Lawson lit up Twitter yesterday with a whole bunch of teasers, showing off her trailer, claiming victory in a round of beer pong, and detailing an affair with craft services. It also appears that José Andrés and Ludo Lefebvre were on the set, raising the possibilities that both chefs might be the other half of the show’s judge-and-jury pool (Ludo is Adam Levine, and José Andrés is Cee Lo, right?), unless they were just taking time from their busy schedules to fill seats in the audience.