Lone Star Burger Ranch Brings 1 Lb. Angus Burger to Chatsworth

Tejas Photo: M Glasgow via Flickr

Lone Star Burger Ranch, a new gourmet burger joint with Texas ‘tude, opened in Chatsworth yesterday, sprung in a former Denny’s by former restaurant vet and L.A. Times ad sales pro Becky Owens and her partner Jeff Biscamp, a designer responsible for the space, decked out in faux cowhides booths. Former Chef & Company chef Julius Dunn is in the kitchen with Allen Rodriguez, preparing half-pound Angus burgers infused with choices like Texas barbecue sauce and ranch, with sweet potato fries, and the option of a one-pound Lone Star Burger for the person who really should know better (or actually comes from Texas). Now soft-open at 20419 Devonshire St. Chatsworth. [Patch]