‘More Than 100’ Les Halles Employees Sue for Tip-Skimming

Photo: Alexander Tamargo

Citing Anthony Bourdain in a piece on a new tip-skimming lawsuit filed by more than 100 employees at Les Halles, where he is “executive chef-at-large,” is a little like taking Patrick Stewart to task for string theory’s technical faults in conjunction with the actor’s honorary degree in astrophysics. But here’s the Post anyway, reporting servers from “Anthony Bourdain’s famed Les Halles” are suing the restaurant for regularly diverting 26 percent of their pooled tips to floor managers over the last six years. Bourdain has all kinds of chops, for sure, but the Kitchen Confidential writer seemingly last worked the line five years ago for a No Reservations taping. “In my experiences at Les Halles,” he tells the tabloid, “management was, if anything, unusually scrupulous about these things.” [NYP]