Has Legal Sea Foods Made a Grave Mistake?

One step closer to God.
One step closer to God.

Earlier this week, we marveled over Roger Berkowitz’s new ad campaign for Legal Sea Foods, which includes references to Brokeback Mountain, capsizing children, death, and Jesus fish. What we neglected to mention is that Legal has also taken out ads that look just like obituaries.

Yesterday, 92-year-old Henry Wheeler passed away but could’ve lived longer, if only he’d dined at Legal. Today, an unfortunate soul named Bethany Evans kicked the bucket. If only Legal had been there to sustain her!

Is this a death sentence for Legal? A stroke of genius or a macabre stunt? From a purely psychological point of view, is aligning one’s brand with death a wise move? Remember their old motto, “If it isn’t fresh, it isn’t legal?” Well, what’s fresh about a dead body? What about salmonella? And does it cost more to advertise near the obit section? Will they begin to serve their chowder in mini-caskets? We’re perplexed.

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