Le Comptoir Comes Back, Monday at Mignon

Le Comptoir's sunny side-up egg with sorrel jus and nasturtium
Le Comptoir's sunny side-up egg with sorrel jus and nasturtiumPhoto: KevinEats

Good news! Gifted produce wizard Gary Menes is bringing back his pop-up Le Comptoir, following its impromptu displacement inside of Tiara Cafe last month to make room for Starry Kitchen. The chef will offer his counter-side, veggie-centric omakase starting this Monday at Downtown’s Mignon, with two seatings a night every Monday and Tuesday at 6:00 and 8:00 P.M. for twelve customers at a time. Squid Ink teases that it has some more scoops up its sleeves, while the impressive bunch of ink-addicts at Handsome Coffee Roasters tells us it is still hosting its taco pop-up with one of Menes’ accomplices, Le Comptoir sous chef Wesley Avila. Anyone who doesn’t want to wait for Le Comptoir’s comeback next week can also find Menes himself in Santa Barbara on Sunday. [SI]