Lansky’s Deli Hit by Vandals

The lights are off for the next couple of days.
The lights are off for the next couple of days.Photo: Lansky's Deli/Facebook

This is disturbing: Vandals broke into Lansky’s Deli Tuesday night and basically destroyed anything they could, smashing computers, breaking refrigerators and even toilets, taking money, and writing “ugly stuff” on the walls, as owner David Ruggerio told the West Side Rag. This is the third break-in the deli has suffered in six weeks, and a man and woman were evidently apprehended for one of the previous incidents. It’s a rough break for the popular restaurant, especially with this most recent crime occurring during the Jewish High Holidays. But as Ruggerio said to the Rag, “It doesn’t deter us … We’ll return better than ever.” [West Side Rag]