ForYourArt Offers 24 Hours of Doughnuts to Sweeten The Clock

Mmm, a doughnut clock...
Mmm, a doughnut clock... Photo: ForYourArt

To make the screening of Christian Marclay’s 24-hour film montage The Clock a little more enticing, ForYourArt is reprising its own sweet pop-up performance, called 24 Hour Donut City. While Marclay’s film is showing at LACMA, the arts collective will offer a nearby space that offers a different L.A. doughnut every two hours for 24-hours. The doughnut selection will be curated by LACMA employees, who basically weighed in on their favorites, providing such notable entries as Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts’ coconut cake doughnut, Tang’s glazed old fashioned, a green tea variety from Cafe Dulce, and the buttermilk from Randy’s. Catch 24 hours of doughnuts from noon on September 22 to noon the next day at LACMA, free to the public.