Kellogg to Step Up Waffle and Pop-Tart Presence in China

What's the opposite of leggo my Eggo?
What's the opposite of leggo my Eggo? Photo: Courtesy Eggo Waffles / Kellogg

The market for breakfast cereal in China has more than doubled in the past five years, so on top of expanding its Frosted Flakes presence, Kellogg Co. is widening out with the introduction of Eggo waffles and Pop-Tarts. The fast rising tide of milk-consumption among China’s urban middle class lifts all cornflakes, apparently, and then some: According to the AP, Kellogg’s next step is to hook everyone on Pringles, but first those chips will have to beat Frito-Lay’s catchy-sounding Italian Ham and Texas Steak flavors. [AP]