SBE Sowing Katsuyas Across the Middle East

We'd be smiling too.
We'd be smiling too. Photo: Katsuya

SBE announces a fruitful new partnership with M.H. Alshaya Co., a franchising giant in the Middle East. The plan is to grow the company’s Katsuya by Starck to seventeen new locations in the region in the next five years, with the first two due for seafood-loving Kuwait and luxury label-doting Dubai next year. The Katsuya Uechi and Philippe Starck-branded sushi empire had its start in Brentwood in 2006 before multiplying to several SoCal addresses, and more recently to locations in Houston and Miami, making it the most lucrative brand in SBE’s quiver.

Sam Nazarian, who is also bringing his SLS Hotel brand to China, Vegas, and New York in the months to come, could probably make Donald Trump blush from the sheer bombast when he says, “Katsuya has established itself as one of the most relevant restaurant brands in North America. Not only has it become a piece of pop-culture, it’s extremely successful from an operational perspective as well.” We’re just interested in learning if there will be Omani lobster dynamite, nagroor negiri, and spicy zubaidi on crispy rice when the money-maker advances on the region.