Intelligentsia Brings Coffee Producers Together; Check It Out Friday


“Few coffee producers get to taste coffee from neighboring farms, other countries, or even their own coffee made properly,” says Stephen Morrissey, director of marketing for Intelligentsia (and 2008 World Barista Champion). That’s why Intelligentsia created the Extraordinary Coffee Workshop. The idea is to bring coffee producers together in one place to drink and talk coffee; there will be workshops on cupping and roasting, tours of both Intelligentsia and its neighbor Goose Island, and more. This is the 4th year Intelligentsia has put this event on, the previous ones taking place in Colombia, El Salvador and Los Angeles. How can you be part of it? Well, you can’t, if you’re not a coffee producer, with on exception: on Friday, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at all of Intelligentsia’s locations, they’ll be doing “Farm Friday,” an event in which growers and roasters will have the opportunity to interact with customer, completing the chain that runs from farm to customer. To find an Intelligentsia location, go here.