What to Eat at Hu Kitchen, Sure to Be a Hit With the Caveman-Diet Crowd

Your typical "pre-industrial" breakfast. Photo: Melissa Hom

On Friday, the paleo-cavemen-gluten-eschewing crowd gets a fast-casual restaurant geared just toward them: Hu Kitchen. And, of course, this “pre-industrial” spot has a yogurt station, dubbed the “mashbar,” where gorgeous young things in the Union Square area can fill up on fermented dairy, chia pudding, or cashew cream with a choice of toppings. We weren’t aware blenders and juicers were a staple of preindustrial times, but no matter: There’s a smoothie and juice bar, of course. Also, a sandwich bar with gluten-free options, prepared foods including chicken tenders, and Hu’s own line of kale chips and other products. Hu Kitchen opens Friday, which is just enough time for a quick juice fast between now and then. Photos straight ahead.

Hu Kitchen, 78 Fifth Ave., at 14th St; 212-510-8919

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