Hot Dog On A Stick Breaks Out of The Food Court

Sherman Oaks' new Hot Dog on a Stick
Sherman Oaks' new Hot Dog on a Stick Photo: HDOAS

No matter how hard you wish we could all stay frozen in 1983 next to the Hot Dog On A Stick in Santa Monica Place, our little baby’s all growed up. In July, we noted the lemonade and corn dog chain was making some interesting moves to keep its brand up, including a drive-through stuck somewhere in Romneystan. While a few of those would probably make sense in L.A., so far all we’re getting is this new stand-alone kiosk test-concept, which just debuted at the Westfield at Sherman Oaks this week.

The new kiosk is only 200-square-feet, smaller than the typical food court edition of 600, which is more room than such a six-item menu probably requires. If successful, Hot Dog on a Stick may have more of these planned for L.A.’s malls, which might mean the new Santa Monica Place will someday get a store we actually care about. Sigh…at least the uniforms remain the same.