Grey Poupon Emerges As Unlikely Savior of Good Grammar

Bring on the snobby sandwiches.
Bring on the snobby sandwiches. Photo: Courtesy Grey Poupon

In an unprecedented move for the Dijon mustard sector, and certainly unprecedented for Kraft Foods, which owns the brand, Grey Poupon announced today it has formed a splinter group of condiment lovers called the Society of Good Taste. If the Society of Good Taste’s cheeky Pinterest page is any indication, members seem to be really into bow ties, argyle socks, and Champagne pyramids; only those whose Facebook profiles reveal a “proper use of grammar,” the Times reports, with qualifying “taste in art, restaurant check-ins, books read and movies selected” are eligible for membership. Ironically, the list of the ineligible seemingly includes the dozens of rappers with questionable grammar who’ve kept the brand alive in lyrics ever since the stodgy rich guy in the old commercials lost his chauffeur in the financial crisis. Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Lil B, and J-Money might have a class-action lawsuit on their hands. [NYT, Pinterest]