Golden State Celebrates 162 Years With Firestone DDBA and Burgers

The Golden State celebrates our Golden State
The Golden State celebrates our Golden State Photo: Golden State

To celebrate the 162nd birthday of the U.S. induction of the actual Golden State in which we reside, Fairfax’s favorite burger joint The Golden State is offering a great deal this Sunday. After 5:00 P.M. $21 dollars buys a burger along with two Firestone draft beers, both the Santa Barbara brewery’s Double Barrel Ale and its rich, rare Double-Double Barrel Ale, an oaky 12% ABV ale that almost costs as much per bottle as this entire deal, that is when you’re lucky enough to score a dram, let alone one straight from the tap.

Golden State co-owner Jason Bernstein tells Grub Street, “We’ve had some great beers at our place but never the DDBA so I’m super excited to have it on draft.” Catch it this Sunday at 426 N. Fairfax Ave.